What’s under your laminate floors? Smartly paired underlayment is a sound investment!

Here’s a perfect way to streamline installation and boost long-term performance of new laminate floors: pair the planks with acoustic underlayment especially engineered to address the particularities of laminate. Underlayment options include products made from fiber, foam, rubber, or cork. And they can address a wide range of concerns historically associated with laminate flooring.

With today’s proliferation of patterns, graining, and colors, laminate flooring can simulate the appearance of a wide range of hardwoods and look terrific. But, because of the void between the subfloor and the floating laminate, the flooring can sound hollow when walked upon.  

Underlayment designed specifically for use under laminate flooring not only eliminates the click-click-click of footsteps on laminate laid directly on a subfloor, but also aids in streamlining the installation process, helping compensate for a slightly uneven subfloor, enabling the laminate panels to lie flat. Underlayment made for laminate floors can also provide support of the locking system of the flooring, minimizing deflection and helping maintain the integrity of the installation by minimizing premature wearing of the interlocking joints.

Some underlayment for laminate flooring also improves acoustics in the room of the installation and reduces transmission of noises to the room below.

For example, MP Global Products’ fiber acoustic underlayment for floating wood and laminate floors, QuietWalk®, features fibers that are randomly air laid, creating a capillary effect to cushion the floor and absorb sound. The pad buffers transmission of noise from footsteps and dropped items and muffles ambient sound created by voices, music, and television – advantages sure to be appreciated by residents of multi-level residences and multi-family housing. The carefully formulated composition of the underlayment also helps laminate floors sound more like real wood.

Made from 94% recycled textile fibers diverted from landfill, QuietWalk has a density that is adequately firm yet flexible enough to form around the sub-floor surface roughness, eliminating much of the movement that causes laminate panels to rock. The just-right density is also sufficient to absorb “shocks” to the floor, minimizing dents from heel impressions and heavy furniture.  

Whatever the look of the laminate for your next new floor, pairing the choice with underlayment made expressly for laminate will optimize the installation process and maximize performance of the floor over the life of the floor.

MP Global Products, Norfolk, NE, is a manufacturer of building products including underlayment for hard surface flooring. For more information visit www.quietwalk.com, 888-379-9695

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