Are Heated Floors Dangerous

Are Heated Floors Dangerous?

Floor Heating has grown in popularity over the last two decades. This growth has derived from improvements in floor heating like improved safety, efficiency, pricing, and ease of installation. Many systems are often installed in kitchens and bathrooms, where water and electric floor mats could be a dangerous combination. This ushers the question “are heated…

QuietWalk - Frequently Asked Questions

QuietWalk – Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuietWalk underlayment recommended to be installed under engineered click hardwood flooring? QuietWalk underlayment can be used under engineered click hardwood flooring. An engineered wood floor is constructed of layers of both hardwood and plywood, where solid hardwood is a solid piece of wood with no layers. Usually installed as floating floor installation type. Can…

How to Install in Floor Heating

How to install in floor heating

QuietWarmth Floor Heating System for Laminate, Luxury Vinyl (4mm or thicker), Engineered Harwood and Floating Floor Applications QuietWarmth is a flexible radiant heating film that is installed below floating floor materials to create Warm comfortable floors. This is a simple installation video to illustrate how easy QuietWarmth is to install. For the complete guide to…

Rough Subfloor

Rough Subfloor Prep

Here at MP Global we take pride in our products and we listen to feedback from our customers closely. A customer wrote this article based on an experience they had with our QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl Underlayment. We noticed their article and reached out to them asking if we could feature it on our blog page.…