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Gentle Heat Flooring!

Gentle, Electric Heat for Floating Floors Perfectly Warm QuietWarmth radiant-heat film is said to provide a gentle, electric heat for floating flooring materials such as laminate, engineered wood, hardwoods, and LVT. It installs over a subfloor or acoustic underlayment. Using 12 W/ft., the product has an ultra-thin, wireless filament configuration laid out in parallel so…

Hot Trends in Tile Flooring

Hot Trend for New Floors

Hot Trend for New Floors: In-floor Supplemental Electric Radiant Heat Photo of Perfectly Warm QuietWarmth Peel & Stick Radiant Heat Film for Tile Floors Installing in-floor electric radiant heat is a hot trend under new floors in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, providing evenly consistent supplemental warmth for individual rooms in homes, offices, and cubicles.…

Radiant Heat System for Tile Flooring

MP Global Introduces Perfectly Warm Peel and Stick

Norfolk, Neb.-MP Global Products has introduced Perfectly Warm QuietWarmth Peel and Stick Radiant Heat for Tile Floors, an in-floor electric radiant heating system for added comfort and coziness to rooms with traditional tile, stone or marble flooring. Perfectly Warm QuietWarmth for Tile Floors complements the recently launched and well-receivedPerfectly Warm QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Film for…