Advanced Moisture Protection

DriWick Technology Infographic
  • Water Vapor is present in all concrete subfloors
  • Blocking vapors creates water droplets which spell trouble for floors
  • QuietWalk with DriWick Technology ™ allows concrete to breathe never allowing vapors to become bulk moisture.
  • The attached vapor barrier protects the overlying floors from harm
  • Antimicrobial treated fibers for protection against mold and mildew

The DriWick Technology in QuietWalk premium acoustic underlayment for floating floors relies on a blend of antimicrobial treated recycled fibers that will wick away subfloor moisture while protecting flooring materials. 


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Sound Control = Quieter Floors

Recycled fibers are designed to blanket the floor, absorbing impact and ambient noise.

Ambient Sound
(STC - Sound Transmission Class - Rating of 66)

STC is a measure of how much airborne sound (speech, TV, stereo, etc.) is reduced after traveling through the floorr covering, underlayment, and building structure and emerging in the room below.

Impact Sound
(IIC - Impact Insulation Claass - Rating of 71)

IIC is a measure of how much impact sound (walking, kids playing, etc.) is reduced after traveling through the floor covering, underlayment, and building structure and emerging in the room below.

Lifetime Support & Comfort

  • The dense, recycled fiber composition will not crush or compress overtime
  • Properly supports the click and lock mechanism, increasing floor's longevity
  • Floating floors will feel solid underfloot like hardwood

Adds Comfort & Peace of Mind

Installation Video

Suitable for Floor Heating Systems

QuietWalk Underlayment Customer Reviews

Jerry - July 21, 2019

Underlayment is very easy to handle and seals well with its self sealing stripsFeels very comfortable and actually absorbs the sound to create a real floor sound

BerryZ - March 22, 2019

We converted out smallest bedroom into an exercise room. Rolling the treadmill and rowing machine around isn't easy on carpeting. So we decided to tear it out and install a snap in floating hickory floor.

Quiet Walk underlayment was a perfect choice versus foam. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Any moister under the floor is wicked and passed through the ends to evaporate.

November 11, 2018

We chose this underlayment material because, while there are several competing products with slightly better acoustic deadening specs, this one had significantly better thermal insulation specs. Since we are in a single-level house, acoustic isolation for below the floor was not a concern, but heat loss through the floor was. Decent acoustic specs are nice though to minimize “clacking” of footsteps in the house.

2019 - MP Global Proucts - QuietWalk Underlayment ​for Hardwood Floors