Custom Thermally Bonded Nonwovens

Transforming Waste Into Quality Materials For Over 20 Years

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. For the last 20 years MP Global has been diverting tons of waste from landfill, converting it into high-quality materials using our innovative Thermal Bonding technology.

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In our case, 9,000+ tons of pre & post-consumer resources like carpet, denim and other fiber materials are diverted from landfill annually. We use state-of-art technology to transform these materials into high-quality thermally bonded nonwoven materials including recycled flooring underlayment and thermal packaging products.

Not only are we preventing this enormous amount of waste going into landfill, we’re also creating thermally bonded nonwoven materials that are an eco-friendly alternative to harmful products like foam and polystyrene Styrofoam. These harmful products have a hugely detrimental effect on the planet’s natural environment, breaking down into smaller pieces that not only choke our oceans but wild animals too.

Our recycled fiber products are the answer to producing premium grade sustainable materials. Our thermal packaging products are highly thermal and protective so they’re ideal for packaging perishable foods, meal kits and medical supplies. Our recycled flooring underlayments are a high-quality sustainable alternative that offer sound reduction, moisture protection, compression resistance, insulation and so much more.

MP Global continues to lead the way in thermally bonded nonwoven materials within the US by combining innovation with sustainability, providing much needed alternatives that not only function well but are great for the environment.

At MP Global we specialize in producing custom thermally bonded nonwoven material from a range of fibers to suit any need.

For all of your custom nonwoven thermally bonded manufacturing needs contact us on (888) 379-9695.

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