Silent Stride Plus+

Silent Stride Plus+

Designed for:

  • Laminate Flooring
  • Floating Engineered Wood
  • Floating Bamboo

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Silent Stride Plus+

Acoustical Floating Flooring Underlayment

Product Information

Advancing the fiber blend technology of the original, Silent Stride Plus+ features more versatile applications with the special attached vapor barrier allowing glue or nail down applications. Boasting the same performance characteristics, reducing unwanted traveling noise and superior moisture protection and proper compression to support tongue and groove, Silent Stride Plus+ is the universal underlayment covering all installation applications. This underlayment can be installed over wood or concrete subfloors.

Available in 3' x 33.4' (100 sq ft) or 6' x 60' (360 sq ft) Rolls

Features and Benefits

Float It

Float It - Can be used with a variety of floating floor types.

Nail It

Nail It - A specialty innovated vapor barrier allows fasteners to penetrate and self-seal.

Glue It

Glue It - A specialty innovated vapor barrier allows the glue to adhere.

Superior Sound Reduction

Superior Sound Reduction - Recycled fibers absorb sound and keep it from traveling to other rooms. Makes click-together floating floors sound solid underfoot.

Moisture Protection

Moisture Protection - Recycled fibers allow installation over concrete to “breathe” - managing vapors from becoming bulk moisture. The attached vapor barrier protects the overlying floors from harmful moisture.

Compression Resistant

Compression Resistant - Dense recycled fiber structure supports the click-together mechanism and will uphold its supportive configuration under the consistent traffic of the overlying floor.

Smoothing Out Imperfections

Smoothing Out Imperfections - Firm and supportive, but flexible enough to form around subfloor surface roughness, helping to cut down on extra subfloor surface prepping time.

Insulating Value

Insulating Value - Provides additional comfort to the entire home during seasonal temperature changes.

Approved for In-floor Heating Systems

Approved for In-floor Heating Systems - Allows heat to permeate evenly while helping to protect the floor covering material from thermal shock.

Made From Recycled Material

Made From Recycled Material - A patented manufacturing process repurposes post-industrial and pre and post consumer materials into high-performance underlayment.

Certified Clean and Safe Indoor Air Quality

Certified Clean and Safe Indoor Air Quality - No VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) or off-gassing from materials.

Competitively Priced

Competitively Priced - An ideal upgrade from 2-in-1 polyethylene or polystyrene products and is less costly than most frothed foam, cork or rubber underlayment with similar sound numbers.