Cold Lead Extension Instructions

  • QuietWarmth recommends using UL listed components for extending the cold leads
  • To extend the cold leads, min 14 AWG wire must be used
  • It must be done by a licensed electrician according NEC regulations

To complete a splice of 14AWG to 14AWG wire, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Strip 1/4" of insulation from conductors
  2. Slide 2" piece of heat shrink tube over one end of wire
  3. Insert wires, one at a time into the uninsulated butt connector (UL listed); making sure that allthe copper strands are in the connector.
  4. Crimp the connector ends securing the wire using a recommended tool.
  5. Test continuity of connection.
  6. Slide the 2" piece of heat shrink tubing over the connector so that the splice connection is centered in the tubing.
  7. Apply heat to the shrink tube with a torch or heat gun starting at the middle of the shrink tube and moving out to each end.
  8. Properly installed, shrink tube will be smooth and conform to the splice connection and the cable. Sealant should be visible at each end of the shrink tubing.

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