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Installation Cost Table


 QuietWarmth Film QuietWarmth Tile QuietWarmth Retrofit Competing Wire Mesh Mat
Application Floating Floors Tile Floors Existing Floors Floating and Tile Floors
Max Uncontrolled Temperature 85° F 80° F 80° F 120° F
Room Layout Planning Easy Easy-Moderate Easy Moderate
Customizable Cut to length Cut to length Cut to length Cannot be cut
Radiant Heat System Cost - As low as $6.66/sq ft $9.56/sq ft $11.99/sq ft $7.50/sq ft
Specialty Tools None: $0 None: $0 None: $0 Circuit protection alarm: $30
Extra Installation Materials None: $0 None: $0 None: $0 Self Leveler : $1.20/sq ft* Clean up cloths & Wall Protection Mask

* based on 25/sq ft spread rate

Floor Sensing Thermostat $120 $120 $120 $120
Radiant Heat Installation time 1 hour 1.5 hour 2 hour 5-7 hours *

* including recommended 2 - 3 hours for self leveler curing time.

Approximate Radiant Heat Installation labor* $65/hour $65/hour $65/hour $65/hour
Licensed Electrician - Final Connections* 2-5 hours 2-5 hours 2-5 hours 2-5 hours
Licensed Electrician Average Rate* $80/hour $80/hour $80/hour $80/hour
Approx total cost to add radiant heat to 100 sq ft space $8.94/sq ft $10.94/sq ft $13.50/sq ft $15.10/sq ft
System Operation Can turn system on immediately Can turn system on 1 day after grout Can turn system on 1 day after grout Cannot turn system on for 2-4 weeks to allow sufficient curing time of the self-leveler without voiding warranty

* Based on 100 sq ft installation

* All labor rates are approximate, based on national averages provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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