Thermostat Power Module

Designed for:

  • QuietWarmth Radiant Heat mats
  • Radiant Floor Heating Systems
  • Electric Radiant Heating Systems
  • Electric Radiant Heated Floor Mats
  • In-floor Heating System
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Thermostat Power Module to Expand Coverage

Product Information

In large applications, this power module expands the square footage your QuietWarmth thermostat can control. Each power module is like adding another thermostat but is not controllable, it only takes the direction from the adjacent thermostat. It allows for another 15 Amp of current to run in conjunction with the main thermostatand must be placed on its own 20-amp circuit (National Electrical Code).

Features and Benefits

Easy-to-use with no need for use of manual

Dual Voltage: 120v or 240v

Built-in self-testing GFCI for safety

UL listed for USA and Canada

Capacity: 15 amp

1 power module controls 150 sq. ft. of QuietWarmth Mats on 120v system

1 power module controls 300 sq. ft. of QuietWarmth Mats on 240v system

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