Understanding basics of upgrade underlayment

A new wood, laminate, luxury vinyl, or tile floor may look terrific, but what lies beneath it can be just as important as aesthetics. When specifying new residential and commercial flooring, it pays to be aware that all underlayment is not the same. A well matched choice can make a significant positive difference in the performance of the floor for the life of the installation. Rather than leaving it to the flooring contractor to just pull generic padding off the shelf, specify a premium underlayment engineered to bring specific desirable attributes to the floor assembly. For example, an underlayment for a new laminate floor can smooth out minor subfloor imperfections, add cushioning for more comfortable walking, dampen ambient sound in the room, and help protect the finished floor from subfloor moisture. 

MP Global Products manufacturers several products that enhance the life of many types of flooring. Check out those fiber products here.

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